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All students in our program are continually assessed for improvement and readiness for upgrading to the next level. 

Skill tracking and assessments are available in the Customer Portal. Once all skills are attained, you will receive an email prompting a class transfer to the next level (all done online in the Customer Portal).

Most transfers will be prompted by the teachers based on skill progression.

However, if your schedule changes and you wish to change times/day, please log into the Customer Portal. Under the ‘Enrol’ tab you can view all available classes (use the filters to find the correct level); and click ‘Enrol’. If your child has a current enrolment in the same level, you will be provided the option to ‘Transfer’ the booking. 

All enrolments are completed online by the parent / guardian. Visit our gymnastics program page to enrol and follow the prompts. Upfront (pro rata) fees are charged in the enrolment process, and ongoing direct debit payment information is collected.

The Customer Portal is where you can manage your account and enrolment online. If you have an active enrolment, then log into the Customer Portal as an existing member using the email and password you set when completing your initial enrolment. From within the Customer Portal you can:

  • Update contact information (a valid, regularly checked email is very important)
  • Update emergency contact information
  • Add additional children (and enrol them into classes)
  • Review payment history and review/pay outstanding balances
  • Review upcoming bookings

The Policy for gymnastic classes in case of hot weather is based on the internal temperature being 36 degrees or above with the air conditioner running. Families will be notified with as much prior notice as possible if classes are cancelled.

YMCA Gymnastics fees are paid fortnightly (every second Thursday) by direct debit. Direct debit means the fees are automatically withdrawn from your designated bank account or credit card. When enrolling online upfront fees will be paid at the time of enrolment and ongoing direct debit payment information collected. Enrolments are ongoing (not term based), so the enrolment will remain active (and fees charged fortnightly) until written cancellation is received.


As per the YMCA Gymnastics terms and conditions, all students are entitled to up to 4 weeks of suspension per calendar year at no cost. All suspension request must be submitted via the online Suspension Request Form. If the below conditions are met you will not be charged for classes during a suspension period.

  • The student has not taken more than 4 weeks suspension in the current calendar year.
  • The suspension request is submitted two weeks in advance (suspensions are designed to accommodate holiday absences and are not intended for sick days). Medical suspensions detailed below.
  • The family account has no outstanding balance.

Class Absences / Illness

We understand life happens and you’ll miss the odd week due to illness of other engagements. Like other sporting fees, there is no refund for the odd missed class.

Medical Suspension

Medical suspensions are available for students who are unable to attend 2 or more consecutive lessons (e.g. most relevant for injuries lasting several weeks). Medical suspensions must be arranged prior to the missed lesson in writing (by email) and be accompanied by a supporting medical certificate. We will hold your spot for up to 6 weeks. Suspensions over 6 weeks will be removed from their class and re-enrolled upon return.

We understand life happens and you’ll miss the odd week due to illness of other engagements. Like other sporting fees, there is no refund for the odd missed class.

If your direct debit payment has rejected you will be notified by email and SMS. Rejections may happen for a number of reasons ranging from insufficient funds to incorrect payment details. Please log into the Customer Portal to pay off outstanding balances, review payment history, and update payment details (ie. update credit card information). 

Having a valid payment source for direct debits is a condition of enrolment. Failing to provide a valid payment source will result in the cancellation of the enrolment.

Parent Photos/Videos

The YMCA welcomes capturing your child’s magic moments, however, privacy of others must be respected. The use of cameras and video cameras is conditional on having consent from all relevant individuals, including agreement on where and how the photos will be used.

Centre Photos/Videos

In the enrolment process, users agree to our Photo/Video Consent (I acknowledge the YMCA periodically takes photos/video for general marketing and promotional activities. If we are taking your photo/video you will be aware. If you, or your child do not consent, please let staff/photographer know on the day). 

Aligned to this term, we ask you let us know at the time of photo, or before you leave that day, if you do not wish for the photo to be posted on our social media. 

Unfortunately we do not offer make-up lessons. 

There are no classes on public holidays (you will not be charged for classes that fall on a public holiday).

Classes run 48 weeks of the year, including during school holiday breaks. The only stoppage is the last two weeks of December and first two weeks of January (no fees are charged over this 4 week period).

Enrolments are only stopped if notice of cancellation is provided.  

2 weeks written notice is required to cancel an enrolment. This means once notice of cancellation is provided, one more direct debit will be charged. You will have access to all classes charged – so at the date of cancellation, you may still have 3 to 4 lessons upcoming before enrolment finishes.

To provide notice of cancellation please complete the Cancellation Request Form on this website. Alternatively, send an email to the centre email

We are unable to offer a class waitlist service. However, in the event that you are unable to find a class which suits your criteria/preferences (day/time/level), customers are encouraged to complete the Class Opening Notification Form.

Requests submitted via this form are added to our database and cross-referenced daily for openings. If a spot opens matching your criteria, we will send you an email notifying you with a link to the Client Portal. It is then your responsibility to transfer/enrol the student into the class.

As a live database accepting registrations 24/7, we are unfortunately unable hold spots. As such, we encourage you to action the notifications as soon as possible to ensure the best chances of getting the open spot.


Download the YMCA South Australia gymnastics handbook here.